RF SOLUTIONS will again exhibit our products at the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club’s Wyong Field Day to be held on Sunday 28 February 2016.

This year RF SOLUTIONS will also have some exciting, full visual displays of the following:

  1. Full visual HF digital communication display of the ELAD FDM-DUO software defined radio – connected to a laptop and controlled by digital software.
  2. An UltraBeam display antenna connected to an SPE EXPERT 1.3K-FA amplifier and an ICOM transceiver, demonstrating a fully automatic station.
  3. A free-standing Hi-Q mobile antenna connected to a RigExpert antenna analyzer showing the change of frequency on the display.

We will be showcasing a comprehensive range of our high quality amateur radio products, including the latest release of the SPE EXPERT 1.3K-FA linear amplifiers, the ELAD software defined radios, the newly released microHAM SMΩRF RF Vector Signal Meter, ICOM radios, the Hi-Q mobile antennas, UltraBeam antenna, RigExpert antenna analyzers, Begali keys and paddles, HOFI and Fritzel antennas and switches, and much more.

Why not pre-order your products to secure supply.

We look forward to seeing you at Wyong.