The obvious benefits of RigExpert are as follows:

1. The first thing to say is that RigExpert is a brand that has been on the market for over 15 years. We have established ourselves as a reliable partner and manufacturer of quality products that serve for years. Who once chose our product will no longer want to change it to another brand. We value our reputation. Our managers and technical support are always in contact with end customers. Therefore, we pay attention to their feedback, wishes, and professional reviews.

2. The RigExpert analyzers are designed by professional radio engineers, many of whom are award-winning radio amateurs.

3. The above remarkable fact is reflected in the user interface, where the functionality most demanded by the radio amateur is placed on the central plan. In addition, the UI of the RigExpert analyzer is very intuitive and, moreover, has a built-in help system.

4. UI is multilingual.

5. Nevertheless, RigExpert analyzers are complete devices that can be used in the laboratory, in the shack, and in the field without fear of damaging the device.

6. RigExpert analyzers do not require pre-calibration before measurements. Our analyzer connects directly to the antenna or device under test without using adapters. At the same time, the OSL calibration function allows you to easily shift the measurement plane, neutralizing the influence of test cables and adapters.

7. RigExpert analyzers allow storing measurement results in the built-in memory. This is always convenient when there is an opportunity or needs to analyze the results later.

8. All RigExpert analyzers come with a 2-year warranty and must be replaced with a new device in case of failure under warranty.

More complete information can be found by referring to the user manuals on ourĀ RigExpert product pages.