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RF SOLUTIONS is proud to represent the exclusive Italian-made Begali products made out of the highest calibre materials. We offer a variety of iambic paddles and straight keys which combine premium engineering, functionality and beauty.Begali was founded in Italy in 1954 and has been manufacturing electromechanical precision components since 1960. Begali's line of fine keys and paddles for the ham community are a more recent addition. They are a result of Piero Begali's desire to create the finest keys and paddles for his own use. Piero obtained his ham radio license as I2RTF in 1964. Ever since he has been a dedicated CW operator, and it was only natural that one day he would try to design and produce the best Morse keys that money can buy ...

Graciella Junior 09

Graciella Jnr


The Graciella Jr. paddle puts a vertical mechanism on a round base. Unlike its older sister, the Graciella, the height of the mechanism is not adjustable. But beauty and mechanical perfection obviously runs in the family.

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Pearl Begali Key 09



The Pearl key combines gracefully rounded shapes and an exquisite finish with a high-performance mechanism. Precision adjustments and perfect weight distribution in the moving parts make sure that the beauty is not only skin deep - this key will not let you down at even the highest speeds.

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Signature Edition Begali Paddle 09

Signature Edition


The Signature edition embodies the experience gained with the Magnetic Classic and the Magnetic Professional paddles, and it incorporates improvements that were suggested by users of Begali keys.

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Adventure Mono


The Adventure Mono single-lever key, like its dual-lever sibling, the Adventure, was created to give you the finest possible keying experience with today’s portable radios.

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Contour Begali Key 09



The Contour key combines gracefully rounded shapes, similar to the Pearl key, with a more traditional rectangular base, which makes it a little heavier and larger than the Pearl.

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The Adventure dual-lever key, like its single-lever sibling, the Adventure Mono, was created to give you the finest possible keying experience with today’s portable radios.

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HST single lever begali key

HST Single Lever


The HST Single Lever key was inspired by a design that several of the top competitors at the High Speed Telegraphy Competition in Pordenone (HST 2008) were using. Their keys were home made from simple materials, but they were capable of very high speeds in the right hands.

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Begali Expedition key



The Expedition is a no-frills high-performance key. It is rugged enough, and not too expensive, to be tossed into the baggage for a DX expedition, and at 2.5 pounds it will not add too much weight - just enough to sit secure on your table, ready for the fun.

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Magnetic Traveller Begali Key 09

Magnetic Traveller


The Magnetic Traveller Light is an iambic key that addresses the needs of the travelling or backpacking ham in a no-compromise design. It combines constructive elements found in the Simplex and Magnetic Classic in a rugged package that will survive the rigors of a roving life.

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Magnetic Professional Begali Key 09

Magnetic Pro


The Magnetic Professional is a variation of the Magnetic Classic paddle, and it has many of the same technical characteristics that have made the Magnetic Classic one of the best magnetic paddles that money can buy.

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