Coaxial Cables

Messi & Paoloni quality coaxial cables made in Italy.

Messi Hyperflex 5 coaxial cable

HYPERFLEX 5 Coaxial Cable


The HYPERFLEX 5 coaxial cable, which is an original Messi & Paoloni, Italy, product, is an excellent low-loss coax cable z = 50 Ohm. It is UV and moisture resistant and has an extremely low attenuation.

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Messi & Paolini Highflexx 7 coaxial cable

HIGHFLEXX 7 Coaxial Cable


The HIGHFLEXX 7 coaxial cable is our 50 Ohm coaxial cable with Ø = 7.3 mm.The HIGHFLEXX 7 is manufactured by Messi & Paoloni, Italy.

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Messi and Paolini Hyperflex 10 coaxial cable

HYPERFLEX 10 Coaxial Cable


The HYPERFLEX 10 coaxial cable is a 50 Ohm coaxial cable of high quality. The HYPERFLEX 10 is manufactured by Messi & Paoloni, Italy.

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HYPERFLEX 13 Coaxial Cable


The HYPERFLEX 13 50 Ohm coaxial cable has been manufactured by Messi & Paoloni, Italy.

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H 2000 Flex coaxial cable

H 2000 Flex® Coaxial Cable


The H 2000 Flex® coaxial cable is our strongest product for high frequency (of our 10.3 mm cables). The H 2000 Flex® is manufactured by Belden, Europe, exclusively for KABEL-KUSCH, and is a registered trademark product.

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