Hi-Q Piranha – 5R/80

Hi-Q Piranha – 5R/80

Price: $895.00

Model: HI-P-5R/80
Manufacturer: Hi-Q, United States
Availability: IN STOCK

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Hi-Q Piranha 5R/80

The NEWLY developed PIRANHA series of Hi-Q Antennas are the derivative of the Military On the Move HF mobile and fixed station antennas.

Major improvements:

  • Hi-Impact Modified Polycarbonate coil housing
  • Silver Plated # 12 propriety coil wire
  • NEW disc with Silver Plated BRASS balls for precision tuning.
  • Lower mast is 2’ long, black anodized, OR 1.5 inch Stainless Steel.
  • Silver Plated WQD is installed at no extra cost.
  • Mounting hardware Included.

Remotely Tunable 10 thru 80 meters

This is the LATEST innovation in HF mobile antennas! It is the PATENTED version of the standard Hi-Q Series of HF mobile and base antennas. The loading coil has 9.5″ usable travel with approximately 350 uH inductance.



Hi-Q EB-6 Capacitance Hat$190.00
Hi-Q Clover Capacitance Hat$100.00
Hi-Q DC Controller$335.00
Hi-Q MB-10 Mounting Bracket$65.00
Hi-Q Stainless Steel Giant Quick Disconnect for -5 Antenna$180.00
Hi-Q Aluminium Giant Quick Disconnect for -5 Antenna$145.00
Hi-Q Standard Fold-Over Whip Quick Disconnect for -5 Antenna$110.00
Hi-Q Standard Whip Quick Disconnect Top$60.00
Hi-Q Whip Base$35.00
Hi-Q 2.6m Stainless Steel Whip$88.00
Hi-Q Corona Ball$15.00


Mechanical Details

Lower mast, below coil:2′ x 1.5″
Coil Size:5″ diameter x 11.5″ long, Lexan
Whip needed:80m: 102″ whip (not supplied). No CapHat needed, however it will improve Radiation Efficiency if used.
80-10m: 36″ to 60″ whip (not supplied)
Photo Shown is: Hi-Q-5/80 RT with 2′ Extension Rod and 32″ CapHat.
Weight:8 lbs
Tuning and Controller Information:MT: Knob at the base, sliding up/down.
RT: The RT version has a Precision 12VDC Gearhead Motor (NOT a screwdriver!)Recommended Controllers:

  • All Hi-Q antennas now have REED SW and dual MAGNET installed to provide TWO pulses per revolution, utilized by the Hi-Q DC Controller.
  • Simple DPDT switch.

Coil data

Inductance:350 uH
Reactance:3140 ohms
Wire size:12 AWG
Coil diameter:5″
Coil length:10″ (8″ usable)
Coil “Q”580
Loss resistance:16 ohms
100 w I (rf):2.1 amps


3.750 Mhz

Radiation Efficiency:12%
Relative radiated power:-9.2 dB
Bandwidth for 2:1 VSWR35 kHz
Coil “Q”450

7.2 Mhz

Radiation Efficiency:43%
Relative radiated power:-3.7 dB
Bandwidth for 2:1 VSWR120 kHz

14.2 Mhz

Radiation Efficiency:77%
Relative radiated power:-1.1 dB
Bandwidth for 2:1 VSWR475 kHz

Excellent performance on the rest of the higher bands!

** NOTE: If this was a BRAND “X” screwdriver antenna it would have a Radiation Efficiency of Less than 1/10th watt (that is right, one tenth of a watt out of your 100 w. radio)… a real QRP set up. And, yes, QRP rigs get out, but with the Hi-Q Series antennas you WORK THE WORLD! 

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