Radiosport RS-20S – Listen-Only Headset

Radiosport RS-20S – Listen-Only Headset

Price: $255.00

Model: RH-RS20S
Manufacturer: Radiosport
Availability: IN STOCK
Warranty: 5 years

eHam Review
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The Radiosport RS-20S Listen-Only headset is ideal for CW operations or for operations that may normally use either a desk microphone or a studio style desk-boom-mic. They work especially well for either CW or voice whether it be for contest, DX, ESSB or AM/FM operating. This headset is supplied with a detachable cable with 3.5mm stereo phone plugs and an adapter to 6.3mm phone plug.

  • Developed Specifically for Amateur Radio

The top quality Radiosport headsets were developed specifically for amateur radio, after the manufacturer had used motor racing crew headsets for his own amateur radio activities. The Radiosport headsets offer the highest level of comfort when wearing the headset for long hours, and also exceptional durability. The Radiosport headsets have been developed with features to last a lifetime.

The robustness of the RS20S is a result of the use of excellent materials and workmanship. The speaker shells are made of reinforced carbon-fibre, and the holder and frame are made of light-weight powder coated stainless spring steel. Due to the extra thick ear pads, which are gel-filled, these headsets are extremely comfortable to wear. This enables you to use this headset for many hours, such as during a contest, without fatigue. Furthermore, the ear pads are covered with a removable, washable cotton fabric.

The RS20S headset weighs approx. 480g.

  • Noise Reduction Headsets

This headset offers a 24 dB external noise reduction through comfortable ear cups and muffs.

  • Speakers

The headsets feature 32 Ohm drivers that closely match headphone volume with normal speaker volume.

Frequency response of 200Hz to 6000Hz means weak signals are not covered up by high frequency atmospheric or audio amplifier noise, and the 200Hz low end cut-off provides superb rich voice articulation and excellent narrow passband CW reception.

These phenomenal drivers also have low drive power requirements, yet exhibit exceptional dynamic range. There’s nothing like these headphones.


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