RadioSport RS-15SL Headset Single-Sided, SuperLight Travel

RadioSport RS-15SL Headset Single-Sided, SuperLight Travel

Price: TBA

Model: RH-RS15SL
Manufacturer: Radiosport
Warranty: 5 years

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NEW RadioSport RS-15SL Headset Stereo – SuperLight Travel Headset

The perfect companion for your SmartPhone, Tablet or Notebook PC for Remote Radio operation.

Another new in-house design where everything has been done to make the RS15SL Single-Sided Flex Boom-Mic headset as light as possible. This rugged headset includes the finest internal components just like our legendary full-size RS20S and RS60CF deluxe “dream edition” headsets.

While remaining as compact as possible, this Over-The-Ear design, with light-weight foam filled, leatherette finished Ear Cushions will remain comfortable and cool. Inside the ear domes are our new 36mm metal frame, Mylar cone, Neodymium magenet headphone drivers, with construction and performance like the 50mm headphone drivers of our RS20S and RS60CF headsets.

RS15SL Single-Sided Flex Boom-Mic Headset Features:

• Single-Side for vehicular use. READ CAUTION BELOW
• Acoustic Noise Reduction
• Cool Foam Filled, Leatherette finished Ear Cushions
• Superb, 36mm, metal framed, Mylar cone, Neodymium magnet Headphone Driver
• Aviation Grade Noise-Cancelling Electret-Condenser Mic
• Scratch-Proof finish to stay great looking
• Includes Soft Pillow-Top Headband Cover
• Slide & Lock Head Band Height Adjusters built-in
• Light-weight 5 foot attached Cord with 3.5mm TRRS (CITA) compatible plug**
• MIL-Spec Belden cabling*

* Our MIL-Spec cabling with Kevlar reinforced leads and Teflon insulation ensures a long trouble-free life even for a travel headset.

** CITA wiring standard is the current US standard for SmartPhone, Tablet and Notebook PCs with a single 3.5mm Headset connector. Some countries (e.g. China) require OMTP wiring standard and we have just added this option for Export Models where required.

Use subject to local motor vehicle laws.


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