HYPERFLEX 10 Coaxial Cable

HYPERFLEX 10 Coaxial Cable

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Model: KK-HYPFLEX 10
Manufacturer: Messi & Paoloni, Italy
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HYPERFLEX 10 /.400″ Coaxial Cable

(10.3 mm / 0.405 inch cable)

Minimum order quantity of 10m

Best in its class for:

Extreme flexibility:
perfect matching with rotator operated antennas, obtained by means of a sophisticated full copper stranded inner conductor (19 wires instead of 7).

New improved dielectric:

outstanding attenuations up to 10 Ghz, ideal for “MOON BOUNCING” lovers, even better than some solid core cables of the competition.

Screening efficiency:
>105 dB (SA) and improved sturdiness reached by adding 24 more wires to the braid, for a total of 168 wires, (78% coverage+ 100% foil). This leads to a dramatic reduction of the background noise. Moreover the braiders used are 24 spools, instead of 16 spools, giving 50% MORE CROSSOVERS.

It has the same dimensions of RG 213/U but it’s much more flexible and performant. Differently from this one, somebody reported that they managed to lower the background noise by two squelch stops.

11,1 Kg/100 m instead of 13 Kg of our M&P-ULTRAFLEX 10 /.400”, for a reduced stress of the “hanging and swinging” stretch of the cable in rotor operated antennas.

Excellent Power Handling!

The external PVC jacket is black UV resistant PVC. Useful hint: the PVC used for the jacket of the cables, makes them extremely flexible but it’s not suitable for underground laying. Every cable can be made with PE jacket, on specific request and for reasonable quantities in order to make them buriable.

We are very proud of this achievement for the Ham Radio world!

HYPERFLEX 10 Technical Information

HYPERFLEX 10 coaxial cable technical specifications

Given a power fed to the X value (any value expressed in Watts), the actual power output of the cable is shown in the table in the form of remaining percentage. (for example, if we use a cable such as M&P-HYPERFLEX 10, entering 1000 Watts over a length of 35m, at a frequency of 144 MHz, there remains 68.1 % of 1000). For maximum applicable power, see the Power Handling of the cable concerned. From these values, have already been deducted the SRL values, typical of each one of our models, for the respective frequencies. REMEMBER: Make sure to match the line accurately!

M&P Hyperflex 10 coaxial cable specifications table

M&P-HYPERFLEX 10 /.400″ (Power Handling/Temperature)

M&P Hyperflex 10 coaxial cable specifications table


HYPERFLEX 10 connector assembly instructions

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