H 2000 Flex® Coaxial Cable

H 2000 Flex® Coaxial Cable

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Model: KK-H2000Flex
Manufacturer: Belden, Europe
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H 2000 Flex® Coaxial Cable

The H 2000 Flex® coaxial cable is our strongest product for high frequency (of our 10.3 mm cables).

The H 2000 Flex® is our coax cable for operations in VHF-, UHF- and SHF bands. The cable is produced with the newest and highest technology standards.

The H 2000 Flex® is manufactured by Belden, Europe, exclusively for KABEL-KUSCH, and is a registered trademark product.

H2000Flex®The internal conductor, 2.62 mm in diameter, is made of soft annealed copper
H2000Flex®For the dielectric we use a physical foam, which enables very low attenuation values. This highly elastic isolating material gives you a minimum bending radius of 50 mm. The external diameter of the foam dielectric material is 7.15 mm with a tolerance of ± 0.15 mm. This foam dielectric material provides the customer with total protection against water and moisture. The cable is also highly flexible and highly durable and ideal for installation in complicated areas or situations where a normal cable cannot or should not be used. The cable also has a very stable attenuation to a minimum of 3Ghz.
H2000Flex®The H 2000 Flex® double shielding is a perfect high quality solution for coaxial cable usage in high frequency bands. The copper foil is plastic coated and builds the heart of the external conductor.
H2000Flex®The external coating is made of black PVC and is UV protected. The soft coating is ideal for rotating aerial systems which are also the most used aerials by amateur radio operators. The external coating is 1.2 mm thick with a tolerance of ± 0.1 mm, and therefore has the same measurements as the classic RG213U cable. This also makes this cable suitable for plugs and connectors that you would normally use for the RG213U cable.
H2000Flex®No costs have been spared on copper. The H 2000 Flex® contains 73 g/m of copper, and due to this high copper content the attenuation values are lower than the tried and tested famous H100. It is really difficult to find a cable of 10.2 mm with characteristics better than those of the H 2000 Flex®.
H2000Flex®The H 2000 Flex® has a weight of 14 kg per 100 meter.
H2000Flex®There are many cables with foamed dielectric. Nearly all of these cables are produced with chemical foam and are sensitive to moisture. There is a test to check how cables react in humid environments. Belden used a DAMP HEAT TEST according to the IEC rules. The H 2000 Flex® has been tested over a period of 21 days with a temperature of 40°C and 93% humidity. After the test, the attenuation values are not allowed to exceed 5% of the starting values.This test gives us an exact result, and the H 2000 Flex® fulfils these rules.
H2000Flex®Temperature range:The H 2000 Flex® has a working temperature of -40°C to +80°C, and therefore can be used almost anywhere in the world. The manufacturer recommends that the lowest installation temperature should not exceed -5°C.

H 2000 Flex® Technical Information

Construction and thermic characteristics:

Centre conductorBare copper, Ø 2.62 mm
InsulationPhysical foam, water resistant Ø = 7.15 mm
Outer conductor 1Copper foil, plastic coated
Outer conductor 2Copper braid
SheathPVC UV-resistant
Bending radius50 mm minimum
Weight14 kg / 100 m
Temperature range-40°C to +80°C
for installationmore than -5°C
Strength1300 N

Electrical characteristics:

Impedance50 ± 2 Ohm
Centre conductor3.15 Ohm / 1000 m
Outer conductor11.0 Ohm / 1000 m
Loop14.2 Ohm / 1000 m
Voltage max.5000 Volt
Capacity80 pF/m
Screen 10-1000 MHz≥ 90 dB
Velocity ratio0.83
Return loss
5 – 470 MHz> 23 dB
470 – 862 MHz> 20 dB
862 – 2150 MHZ> 18 dB

Attenuation per 100 m of H 2000 Flex®


Power Rating

Frequency MHzTemperature 30°CTemperature 20°C
76.3 KW7.6 KW
144.5 KW5.4 KW
213.6 KW4.4 KW
283.2 KW3.8 KW
502.4 KW2.8 KW
1441.4 KW1.6 KW
4320.8 KW0.9 KW
9000.5 KW0.6 KW
12960.4 KW0.5 KW
23200.3 KW0.4 KW
50000.2 KW0.3 KW
100000.1 KW0.2 KW


 N 21 TA/N 1011our  N-plug-solder-connector
PTFE insulation, gold plated center pin 
N-plug forH 2000 Flex, Aircom Plus, Ecoflex 10, H 2010, Caloric 10, Ultraflex 10 RG 213, RG 214,
LMR 400
 HyperFlex 10 and similar

 Figure 1

Partshousing with TresAlloy surface
2 PTFE discs
 2 center pins with different hole for solder**
 double slotted clamp for the mass
 nut with silicon-O-ring

**the center pins are provided with two different holes (solder contacts). The center pin with the
bigger solder contact has the right dimension for Ecoflex 10, RG 213 LOW LOSS and similar
cables. The center pin with the smaller solder contact has the right dimension for H 2000 Flex,
H 1000, Aircom Plus and … (see Figure 2)

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

The clamp must be placed between the copper-foil and the braid.

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8

Figure 9

Our coax cable scissors cut the center conductor in a way
that its structure does not change. You can easily put the center pin
of N 1011 TA onto the cable.

Figure 10

Figure 11

Figure 12

Two heat resistant PTFE-disks form a cylinder that keeps the center
exactly in a centered position.

Figure 13

Figure 14

Please do not fix the final screw too strongly. The silicon o-ring should not be pressed more than the photo shows.

Comparison Table

H 2000 Flex®H 2010RG 213 UH 2007HIGH FLEXX 7H 155RG 58 ALLRG 58 CURG 214 U
Diameter in mm10.310.310.
Bending radius in mm50405035<3535323050
Impedance Ohm505050505050505050
kg per 100m1412.415.58.373.93.2420
Capacity pF/m807810175718282101101


Attenuation – dB per 100m @ 20° C:

H 2000 Flex®H 2010RG 213 UH 2007HIGH FLEXX 7H 155RG 58 ALLRG 58 CURG 214 U

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