ICOM ID-51A PLUS2 Dual Band D-STAR Transceiver

ICOM ID-51A PLUS2 Dual Band D-STAR Transceiver

Price: $660.00

Model: ICOM-ID-51A-PLUS2
Manufacturer: ICOM
Warranty: 5 Years Warranty

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NEW: ID-51A PLUS2 Dual Band D-STAR Digital Handheld Transceiver

The ID-51A PLUS2 is a special edition model which will come in several colours/patterns. The new “Terminal Mode” and “Access Point Mode” enable you to make D-STAR calls through the Internet, even from areas where no D-STAR repeater is available.

The ID-51A PLUS2 offers the following enhanced features:

  • “Plus Two” new modes:
    • Access Point Mode
    • Terminal Mode
  • Faster data transfer in DV mode (approx. 3 times faster)
  • RS-MS1A Android Application (Optional OPC-2350LU cable required)
  • Long antenna supplied for optimal receive performance
  • Additional DPLUS reflector link commands
  • DV and FM repeater search function
  • Enhanced D-PRS functions

D-STAR’s “Pluses” Keep Getting Better

  • Access Point Mode and Terminal Mode Expand D-STAR Coverage
  • Enhanced Digital Data Communication wit Android Devices
    • RS-MSA1, Remote Control Application for Android
    • DV Fast Data Mode
  • Integrated GPS, Dualwatch, AM/FM Receiver, IPX7 Submersible and More
    • Integrated GPS Receiver
    • V/V, U/U, V/U Dualwatch
    • Independent AM/FM Receiver
    • Voice Memory Function
    • microSD Card Slot
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 5W output power
  • 4.5 hour long lasting battery life with the BP-271
  • Free download CS-51PLUS2 cloning software for editing memory settings with a PC
  • 1304 Memory channels, including 750 D-STAR repeater memories
  • CTCSS/DTCS code squelch with split tone function
  •  Automatic repeater function
  • 16 DTMF memory channels
  • Optional CT-17, CI-V level converter for remote radio control
  • Squelch release function to monitor a weak signal
  • External DC power jack
  • Earphone cord antenna for FM broadcast receiving
  • LCD and keypad backlighting
  • Weather channels and VHF air band
  • Priority watch
  • High speed cloning
  • Auto power save
  • Auto power off
  • Clock function
  • Key lock function

ID-51A PLUS2 Dual Band D-STAR Handheld Transceiver Accessories

Digital VHF/UHF Dualband Transceiver – D-STAR Ready

Battery Options


BP2717.4V/1200mAh Li-Ion battery. As supplied.$95.00
BP2727.4V/2000mAh Li-Ion battery.$125.00
BP273Battery case. Requires 3xAA batteries.$48.50

Battery Chargers


BC167SVWall charger (charges BP271 in 6 hours). As supplied.$43.00
BC202Rapid desktop charger (charges BP271 in 2 hours).$65.00
BC123SVAC adaptor for use with BC202.$37.50

Power Supply Cables


CP19Cigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter.$72.50
CP12LCigarette lighter cable with noise filter.$42.50
OPC-254LDC power cable for use with external power supply.$18.50

Programming Options


CS-51Cloning software for ID-51A. As supplied (update downloadable from web).TBA
OPC-2218LUUSB cloning cable.$72.50

Remote Audio Options


HM75LSRemote control speaker microphone with slim L-type connector.$90.00
HM186LSCompact speaker microphone with slim L-type connector.$77.50
HM153LSDurable earphone/microphone with slim L-type connector.$140.00
HM166LSLightweight earphone/microphone with slim L-type connector.$95.00
SP13Earphone. Requires OPC-2144.$13.50
OPC-2144Slim L-type adaptor cable (regular L-type to slim L-type).$37.00
HS94Earphone headset (requires OPC-2006LS)$38.00
HS95Behind-the-head headset (requires OPC-2006LS)$240.00
HS97Throat microphone (requires OPC-2006LS)$52.50
OPC-2006LSAdaptor cable for use with HS94, HS95, HS97$22.50

Belt Clip


MB127Alligator type. As supplied.$27.50

Carry Case


LC179Pouch with transparent viewing window.$42.00
SJ1Silicon Jacket Case$42.00

Antenna Options


FAS270CVHF/UHF antenna. As supplied.$40.00
AD92SMASMA-BNC antenna connector adaptor.$22.00

CI-V Level Converter


CT17PC controller unit. Requires RS232C port.$175.00

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