ICOM ID-5100A Transceiver

ICOM ID-5100A Transceiver

Price: $785.00

Model: ID-5100A
Manufacturer: ICOM
Warranty: 5 Years Warranty

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ICOM’s New Touch Screen ID-5100A Dual Band D-STAR Mobile Radio

Innovation and Mobility Taken to the next Level

  • 50W output power on both VHF and UHF bands
  • Intuitive touch screen operation with a large 320 X 128 pixel display
  • Integrated GPS Receiver
  • HM-207 multi-function microphone
  • MBA-2 controller bracket
  • DV/DV Dualwatch to receive both FM/FM and FM/DV mode simultaneously
  • Dplus Reflector Linking to allow easy reflector operation
  • D-STAR DV model operation
  • DV/FM Repeater List Function
  • Enhanced D-PRS functions with object, position, items and weather formats
  • AM airband dualwatch
  • CS-5100 cloning software supplied
  • SD card slot for voice and data storage
  • 5 year warranty on radio*

ID-5100A Accessories

D-STAR VHF/UHF Dual Band Digital Transceiver

Bluetooth Options
UT133Bluetooth Unit$87.50
VS3Bluetooth Headset, use with UT133 in pair$147.50
HM207Hand Microphone, same as supplied$80.00
HM154Hand Microphone$70.00
Mounting Brackets/Base
MBF1Mounting Base, MBA2 required$60.00
MBA2Controller Bracket, same as supplied$40.00
MBF4Mounting Bracket$30.00
OPC-1156Controller Extension Cable, 3.5m cableTBA
OPC-589Microphone Adapter Cable, use with 8 pin microphone$39.00
OPC-440Microphone Extension Cable, 5mTBA
OPC-647Microphone Extension Cable, 2.5mTBA
OPC-1529RData Communication Cable, RS-232C type$40.00
OPC-2218LUData Communication Cable, USB type$75.00
OPC-478UCCloning Cable, USB typeTBA
External Speakers
SP35External Speaker 2m cableTBA
SP35LExternal Speaker 6m cableTBA
SP30External Speaker 102.5mm diameter speakerTBA
CI-V System
CT17CI-V Level Converter$175.00

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