ICOM IC-R30 Communications Receiver

ICOM IC-R30 Communications Receiver

Price: $835.00

Model: ICOM IC-R30
Manufacturer: ICOM

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NEW: IC-R30 Wide Band Handheld All Mode Scanning Receiver

bluetoothMIL-STD 810

Digital and Analog Wideband Communications Receiver with Dualwatch and Dual Band Recording Functions

Decodes Digital Protocols

The IC-R30 decodes various digital protocol signals, including P25 (Phase 1), NXDN™, dPMR™, D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) and
Japanese domestic DCR (Digital Convenience Radio).

0.1–3304.999 MHz Wideband Coverage

The IC-R30 covers a wide frequency range from 0.1 to 3304.999 MHz, and receives conventional analog signals such as AM, FM, WFM, USB, LSB and CW as
well as digital modes*. A ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcasts is built-in, and the earphone cable can be used as an external antenna for FM
* SSB, CW and digital modes: 0.1 MHz–1.3 GHz. Usable frequencies and modes differ, depending on the selected A or B band. See specifications for

Dualwatch Operation

Dualwatch Operation
Dualwatch screen

The radio can receive on different bands and different modes. For example, HF and UHF signals can be monitored simultaneously. You
can scan for other active channels on the B band, while receiving the main signal on the A band.


Dual Band Recording Function

The audio of the two bands received while in the Dualwatch mode can be individually recorded onto a microSD card* in the WAV format. The recorded
audio can be played back on the receiver or a PC. In addition, frequency, mode, S-meter reading, time, current position data and altitude can be
saved with received audio.
* A microSD/microSDHC card is required.
Information screen of received voice
Information screen of received voice

2.3″ Large LCD and Intuitive User Interface

Menu screen
Menu screen

A 2.3 inch large, dot-matrix display is used in the IC-R30. Screens with large amounts of information are clearly and logically arranged.
The four direction keypad provides straight-forward operation of all functions.


High Speed Scan − 200 Channels/Second

The IC-R30 scans approximately 200 channels per second in the A band, and 150 channels per second in the B band. You can quickly find and lock in
to a desired signal. The IC-R30 has variety of scan functions.

Near station scan
Using GPS location information and the Memory channels*, the IC-R30 can display and scan up to 50 stations within 160 km; 99.4 ml from your current
location, in proximity order.
* The position data of the stations must be programmed in advance.

Auto memory write scan 
Automatically stores received frequencies (up to 200 Ch) during a Programmed scan.

Priority scan 
Checks for signals on a frequency every 5 seconds, while operating on a VFO frequency or scanning.

Tone scan 
Detects a sub-audible tone frequency or the DTCS code in a received signal.

Program scan, Memory scan, Memory mode scan, Group scan, Group link scan and more.

Integrated GPS Receiver

GPS position screen
GPS position screen

The integrated GPS receiver displays your current position data, course, speed and altitude on the display. GPS data can also be
saved in recorded audio files. The IC-R30 can list up up to 50 stations within 160 km; 99.4 ml from your current location*.
* The position data of each station must be preprogrammed in the Memory channels.


Band Scope Function

Band scope screen
Band scope screen

The band scope function enables you to visually search a specified frequency range around the received signal and see the relative
received signal strength level. You can jump to the desired signal on the band scope to set the radio to that frequency.


Speech Function

The Speech function reads out the operating frequency and mode when you rotate the dial knob, or press the [SPEECH] button. This function is
convenient for making radio adjustments with the Bluetooth® headset without having to look at the radio.


IP57 Rugged Construction

The IC-R30 has superior IP57 waterproof protection (1 m depth of water for 30 minutes). It can be used in harsh outdoor environments. The radio
also passes MIL-STD-810-G specifications.

Up to 8.3 Hours of Long Battery Life

The supplied BP-287 Li-ion battery pack provides 8 hours and 20 minutes* of operation. The optional BP-293 battery case, with AA (LR6) alkaline
cells, can be used in as a convenient backup battery.
* The Dualwatch function is ON (A band: continuously receiving, B band: standing by), the Power Save function is set to “Auto (Short),” the internal
speaker’s volume is set to “20,” the GPS function is ON, and the Bluetooth function is OFF.

USB Charging and PC Connection

microUSB port
microUSB port

The built-in USB port has a range of convenient uses. You can charge the IC-R30 in approximately 5 hours,* carry out data transfer (including loading Memory channels) and CI-V remote control.
* Using with a 1 A USB charger. The IC-R30 is Power OFF.


microSD Card Slot for Voice and Data Storage

microSD card slot
microSD card slot

You can use a microSD card* for data storage. Recording/playback of received audio, RX history log, radio set tings and GPS logger
data can all be loaded onto the microSD card.
* A microSD/microSDHC is required (up to 32 GB).


Wireless Operation with a Bluetooth® Headset

Bluetooth Headset
With the optional VS-3 Bluetooth® headset, you can wirelessly listen to received audio. The VS-3 has volume UP/DOWN buttons and four programmable
buttons to remotely control certain functions.


Other features

  • 2000 regular Memory channels (with an 8-character name)
  • DTCS and CTCSS tone squelch
  • VSC (Voice Squelch Control) (FM, FM-N, WFM, AM, AM-N)
  • AFC (Auto Frequency Control) (FM, FM-N, WFM)
  • Noise blanker (SSB, CW)
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) (AM, AM-N)
  • RF gain control (10 steps)
  • ATT function (3 steps)
  • Key lock function
  • Monitor function
  • Power save function (3 steps)
  • Volume or frequency setting with dial or side buttons
  • Quick menu function
  • Clock


CS-R30 Optional Programming Software

CS-R30 (option)

Using the CS-R30, you can smoothly edit the following settings on a PC;

  • Memory channels
  • Auto memory write channel groups
  • Program scan link name
  • Radio settings and digital settings
  • Groups
  • Scan edges
  • GPS memories

OS: Microsoft® Windows®10, Windows®8.1 (* Except for Windows® RT) or , Windows®7


Supplied Accessories

  • Li-ion battery pack, BP-287
  • Rapid charger, BC-223
  • AC adaptor, BC-123SA/SE*
  • USB cable for charging and data transfer
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Belt clip, MB-133
  • Hand strap

(May differ or not supplied according to version)

IC-R30 Accessories

Wide Band Handheld Receiver
Modes: FM, AM, WFM, LSB, (SSB) USB, CW

Battery Pack & Battery Case


BP-287Li-ion,3.6 V 3280 mAh (typ.), 3120 mAh (min.). Same as supplied.TBA
BP-293AA (LR6) × 3 battery case.TBA

Battery Charger


BC-223Charges the BP-287 in 4 hours (approximate). Same as supplied.TBA
BC-123SA/SEBattery charger.TBA

Bluetooth® Headset


VS-3Bluetooth® headset.TBA




Belt Clip


MB-133Belt clip. Same as supplied.TBA

Carry Case


LC-189Carry case.TBA

Cloning Software


CS-R30Programming software for a Windows® PC.TBA

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