ICOM IC-7600 Transceiver

ICOM IC-7600 Transceiver

Price: $4,565.00

Model: ICOM-IC-7600
Manufacturer: ICOM
Warranty: 5 Years Warranty

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IC-7600 HF/6m Base Transceiver Built-in Auto Tuner

Get the latest DSP technologies developed for the IC-7800

  • Separate DSP units for transmitter/receiver and spectrum scope
  • USB connectors on the front and rear panel (to connect keyboards, Flash Drives and PCs)
  • 3 Built-in 1st IF (roofing) filters (3, 6 and 15 kHz)
  • 104dB dynamic range and +30dBm third-order intercept point (IP3)
  • Double-conversion superheterodyne
  • Dual AGC loops controlled by DSP
  • Digital IF filter
  • Digital twin PBT
  • Digital notch filter
  • Noise reduction
  • Noise blanker
  • Dualwatch function
  • High-stability TCXO unit
  • 5.8 inch ultra-wide viewing angle TFT display
  • Spectrum scope
  • Digital Voice Memory
  • High power final amplifiers
  • Built-in high speed automatic antenna tuner
  • Multi-function meter

IC-7600 Accessories

HF/6m, Multimode, 100W, 101 memories, Built-in Auto Tuner



AH 740Compact auto tuning antenna$1685.00
AH2BAntenna element, HF, to use with AH 4$455.00
AH4Antenna tuner, HF + 50MHz, automatic$595.00

CI-V Level Converter


CT 17CI-V level converter$175.00



OPC-2321Control cable adaptor for AH-740$130.00
OPC-599Converts 13pin ACC connector to 7-pin + 8-pin ACC$70.00



HM 36Hand microphone (as supplied)$70.00

External DC Power Supply


PS 126DC Power Supply$560.00

Desktop Microphones


SM 30Compact desktop microphone, up/down, low cut$140.00
SM 50Dynamic desktop microphone, up/down, low cut$340.00

External Speakers


SP 21Base speaker, 8 Ohm, 5W$155.00
SP 23Base speaker, 8 Ohm, 5W with filter$305.00

IP Remote Control Software


RS-BA 1To allow control of transceiver from PC$130.00
RC 28Remote encoder to use with RS-BA 1$265.00

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