ICOM IC-7100 Transceiver

ICOM IC-7100 Transceiver

Price: $1,560.00

Model: ICOM-IC-7100
Manufacturer: ICOM
Warranty: 5 Years Warranty

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IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Touch-Screen Transceiver

Multi-band, All Mode Operation at Your Fingertips!

    • Intuitive Touch-Screen Controls
      • An amateur radio first! The innovative touch-screen interface provides quick and smooth operation for setting and editing various functions and memories
    • Easy-to-See, Easy-to-Use Remote Slant Top Controller
      • Breaking the concept that a radio panel should be flat, the IC-7100’s remote slant top controller display is designed for an optimal view angle for the LCD as well as the spacing for large fingers, and plenty of room to have a large internal speaker along with a CW keyjack, phone/speaker, microphone, and control cable


  • Built-in Speaker on the Controller
    • The unique remote head design has a built-in speaker and is perfect for providing loud, clear audio
  • HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm Multi-band, All Mode Transceiver (50MHz/144MHz/430MHz)
  • D-STAR DV Mode Operation (Digital Voice + Data)
    • The IC-7100 provides D-STAR DV mode digital voice and low speed data communication
    • 900 D-STAR repeater channels
  • Built-in SD Card Slot for Voice Storage and Data Cloning
  • IF DSP Controlled Digital Features
    • The latest 32-bit floating point DSP supports many digital processing features such as IF filter, twin PBT, and manual notch filters. These high grade digital features work on all ham bands from HF to the 70cm band
  • Optional Suction Cup Mounting Base, MBF-1
    • The optional MBF-1 suction cup mounting base can be easily installed in your vehicle. Together with the MBA-1 controller bracket it provides easy tilt and adjustments for mobile operation
  • Other Features:
    • Dual DSP chips deliver versatile digital processing performance
    • Built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder
    • Multi-function meter
    • SWR graphic display
    • DSP controller RF speech compressor
    • Total of 505 memory channels
    • Voice recording and playback functions
    • ± 0.5ppm high frequency stability
    • Optional RS-BA1 IP remote control software

IC-7100 Accessories

HF/VHF/UHF, All Mode Touch-Screen Transceiver, 100W HF/50WMHz, 50W/2m, 35W/70cm

AH2BHF antenna element, for use with AH4$455.00
AH4Automatic antenna tuner, HF + 50MHz$595.00
AT 180Automatic antenna tuner, HF/6M$770.00
AH 740Automatic tuning antenna (2.5-30MHz). Requires OPC-2321$1680.00
AH-5NVNVIS Kit – Fiberglass mobile mounting antenna element for use with AH-740 (2.2-30MHz)TBA
CI-V SystemPrice
CT 17CI-V level converter$175.00
HM 151Remote control microphone$135.00
HM 36Hand microphone. Requires OPC-589$70.00
HM 103Compact microphone$70.00
HM 198Hand microphone. As supplied.$70.00
Mounting Brackets / BasePrice
MB 62Mounting bracket for main body$28.00
MBF-1Mounting base for controller. Requires MBA-1$60.00
MBA-1Controller bracket for use with MBF-1$40.00
OPC-589Modular to 8 pin adaptor cable$39.00
OPC-59913 pin to 7/8 pin adaptor cable$70.00
OPC-22533.5m separation cable$80.00
OPC-22545m separation cable$90.00
OPC-2321Control cable adaptor for AH740$125.00
OPC-2218LUUSB data cable$75.00
OPC-1529RRS232C data cable$45.00
Desktop MicrophonesPrice
SM 30Desk microphone (requires OPC-589)$140.00
SM 50Dynamic desk microphone (requires OPC-589)$335.00
External SpeakersPrice
SP 355w external speaker, 4 ohm, tweeter$60.00
IP Remote Control SoftwarePrice
RS-BA1To allow control of transceiver from PC$130.00
RC 28Remote encoder to use with RS-BA1$265.00
Power SupplyPrice
PS 126Power supply – 13.8V/20amp$565.00
Cloning OptionsPrice
CS-7100Cloning software for IC-7100. Requires USB cable (included with IC-7100)$60.00

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