ICOM IC-41PRO UHF CB Transceiver

ICOM IC-41PRO UHF CB Transceiver

Price: $320.00

Model: ICOM-IC-41PRO
Manufacturer: ICOM
Warranty: 5 Years Warranty

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IC-41PRO 80+ Channel UHF CB Transceiver

The Waterproof Handheld UHF CB

  • 80 Channel UHF CB
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67)
  • 5 year warranty on radio
  • 18hr typ. operating time with BP280
  • Simple operation
  • New rotary channel selector/squelch control
  • Voice announcement of channel number
  • VOX capability with optional headset options
  • Scrambler capability built in
  • Receive only channels – up to 35
  • Unique repeater scan plus open, group and priority scan
  • In-range indicator (ATS)*
  • Output power 5 Watts (low power 1 Watt)
  • Built-in CTCSS (providing silent stand-by)
  • Selective calling (SELCALL)
  • Duplex operation, providing repeater access
  • Compact and rugged construction (based on a commercial product)
  • Private channels from 450-520 MHz available for commercial users (dealer programmable, requires FASC72U antenna (frequency between 490-520 MHz)
  • CS-41PRO user software available for customisation of operation (requires OPC-478UC cable)

IC-41PRO Accessories

5W, Waterproof 80+ Channel



BC123SVAdaptor, AC, for use with BC213 (as supplied)TBA
CP23LCigarette lighter cable, for use with BC213TBA
MB130In vehicle charging bracket for use with BC213TBA
BC2146 Way rapid charger includes 6 x AD130 charger adaptor & BC157S AC adaptorTBA
BC121N6 Way rapid charger, requires 6xAD106 adaptors + BC157STBA
AD130Charger adaptorTBA
BC157SAC adaptor, for use with BC214TBA
OPC-656Power supply cable, for use with BC214TBA



BP280Li-Ion .2V/2400 mAh battery (as supplied)TBA
BP279Li-Ion 7.2V/1485 mAhTBA
BP278Li-Ion 7.2V/1130 mAhTBA

Programming Equipment


CS-41PRO #32Dealer programming SoftwareTBA
OPC-478UCUSB programming cableTBA

Remote Audio Options


HM153LASpeaker/microphone, ear-piece style with PTT, 90 degree entry (detachable earpieceTBA
HM158LASpeaker/microphone, compact & durable body, 90 degree entry with screw-type (with earphone jack)TBA
HM159LANoise cancelling microphone, 90 degree entry with screw-type (with earphone jack)TBA
HM166LAMicrophone, earpiece, 90 degree entryTBA
HM168LWPWaterproof (IP67) speaker microphoneTBA
HS94LWPEarhook typeTBA
HS95LWPBehind the head headsetTBA
HS97Throat microphone (use with VS-4LA or OPC-2004LA)TBA
VS4LAPTT switch cable, required when using HS97TBA
OPC-2004LAPlug adaptor cable VOX operation use with HS97TBA

Spare Antenna


FASC73USUHF stubby antenna (450-490MHz band), as suppliedTBA
FASC72UUHF flexible antenna (470-520MHz)TBA

Carry Cases


LC2000CLeather case with clipTBA
LC2000SLeather case with swivelTBA
NC2000CNylon case with clip – blackTBA
NC2000C-ORNylon case with clip – orangeTBA

Belt Clip


MB133Alligator type (as supplied)TBA

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