5 position Radial N Type Antenna Switch

5 position Radial N Type Antenna Switch

Price: $220.00

Model: HO2005
Manufacturer: hofi HF-Technik
Availability: IN STOCK

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5 position manual antenna switch with radial connections – N type female connectors

  • Coax power switches series 2000 (N type) connect the input to one of 5 outputs
  • Highest reliability through double sided switch wafer, paralleled double (4) contacts for each position
  • High power transfer
  • Excellent RF transmission rates
  • Extremely short switching time
  • Rugged construction provides for long lifetime
  • High corrosion-resistance by use of coated aluminium and stainless steel parts
  • Every unit is tested and factory certified (SWR) before shipping – see diagram below
  • Front cover plate/bracket optionally available at a cost of $35.00


Series 2000

ConnectorsN type
Impedance50 Ohm
Return loss≥30 dB
Insertion loss≤0.04 dB
Frequency to450 MHz
30 MHz3000 Watt
145 MHz1200 Watt
440 MHz700 Watt
30 MHz50 dB
145 MHz40 dB
440 MHz30 dB

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