Balun Series 83 COM – 1:12 COM

Balun Series 83 COM – 1:12 COM

Price: $185.00

Model: FR1028.1
Manufacturer: FRITZEL Antennen / HoFi
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Balun Series 83 COM

The “muscle men” among the balun. For up to 3.0 KW PEP SSB.

Common data for Balun Series 83COM

Housing:2 shells of polystyrene, glued, impact-resistant, black, UV resistant, breaking load: 4.500N
Output Antenna:M6x20 screws, stainless steel A2
Ring material:Ferrite
Ring size:63×26 mm
Amplitude deviation 30 MHz< 3 dB at rest 1:1 < 0.8dB
SWR bandwidth is < 1.2:11-35 MHz with 1:1 rest: 2-30 MHz
Insertion loss: < 1.2dB at other 1:1 < 0.2dB
Maximum RF power handling at SWR < 2:1SSB 3.0 KWCW: 1.4 KWRTTY: 1.0 KW
Weight:approximately 0.43 Kg


1:12 COM (Model No. FR-1028)

Fritzel 1:12 COMVoltage and Current Balun

Energy transport in 600 Ohm parallel wire lines to avoid over-long coaxial cable with low losses.

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