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Manufacturer: ELAD, Italy
Warranty: 2 years

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ELAD FDM-DUOr “Software Defined Radio” Receiver

FDM-DUOr is a SDR receiver that offers the option to operate as a traditional stand-alone radio or attached to a Personal Computer to discover the possibilities offered by the SDR technologies.

The multi-use 5W FDM-DUOr SDR receiver has been designed and manufactured in Italy using the very latest SDR technology, 10kHz-54MHz, Direct Conversion RX operating at 122.88MHz.

The small receiver employs a fast analogue-digital-converter that samples the received HF directly into digital signals, and a downstream DSP module provides for filtering and processing. Another ARM processor handles the signals of the control unit.


  • Freqency range: 10KHz – 54MHz
  • Direct conversion receiver operating @ 122.88MHz ADC: LTC2165 16bit
  • DDC (Digital Down Converter) FPGA Xilinx Spartan.6 family down to 192Ksps
  • DDC, Filter & Demodulator ARM STM32F429 floating point microcontroller
  • Demodulation CW, LSB, USB, AM
  • LSB, USB Filters selectable 1600-3100Hz Bandwitdh with 100Hz step plus 4000-5000-6000 Hz Bandwidth
  • AM Filter selectable from 2500 to 6000Hz with 500Hz step
  • CW Filters 2600Hz-1500-1000-500-300-100Hz BW plus 4 CW peak filters applied after 100Hz BW to obtain an overall filter of 20Hz BW
  • Noise Reduction 10 levels
  • Noise Blanker 10 leves
  • VFO A, VFO B, 199 MEMORIES with Frequency/ Alphanumeric label visualization, programmable by FDM-SW2 memory manager
  • Programmable BAND selections: selectable up to 20 quick recallable memories from 180 to 199


  • All programmable components (ARM RX, Flash for FPGA, User Interface microcontroller and USB controller) are firmware upgradable
  • CAT input USB control interface with FTDI controller
  • Antenna connectors: RTX SO-239, RX SO-239
  • Monitor output: 0dBm SMA to be used as test equipment allow the use as a Digital RF Generator
  • LCD Backlight RGB programmable, depending on function can change the colour (RX, PC remote control)
  • 10MHz Reference input connector: SMA
  • Power supply: 2.1mm DC Plug 13.8VDC RX consumption 500mA typ (13.8V)
  • Size: Witdh 180mm (7.00″) x Depth 155mm (6.10″) including Knob and connectors or 130mm (5.10″) only enclosure x Height 70mm (2.75″)
  • Weight: 1.2Kg (2.4 lb), shipment package 2.2Kg (4.85 lb)

Up to 9 simultaneous receivers combination ( 1 on center frequency stand alone, 4 FDM-SW2 in fist 192kHz channel and 4 in the second 192kHz channel)

Each receiver on FDM-SW2 has a dedicated Audio Channel and a dedicated CAT to be usable from external application with Virtual serial ports and Virtual Audio Cables

Selectable Band configuration from 192kHz to 6MHz DDC bandwith (192,384,768,1546,3072,6144Ksps) 2 channel 192Ksps, 2 channels 384Ksps

RX SPLIT mode operation: VFO A for RX

CW skimmer integration management (DX Spot visualization & tuning capability)

Direct digital Modulation using USB soundcard based on CMedia chipset digitally interfaced with ARM floating point microcontroller and DDS

Stand-alone Specifications updated 6 June 2014

PC mode operation with FDM-SW2 software specifications updated 6 June 2014

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