Price: TBA

Model: BK-POST
Manufacturer: Begali

eHam Review
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This key was created in commemoration of Gugliemo Marconi’s 125th birthday in 1999. It is the faithful replica of a Swiss postal key that can be seen gracing Albert Einstein’s work desk at the Patent Office in Zurich in this old photograph of 1901. The original design dates back to 1861 – but Begali’s recreation uses contemporary techniques that make this antique probably more enjoyable to use than the original ever was.

The base is a very heavy (about 3.5 pounds) iron cast, and all other parts are made from gold plated brass, and the contacts are 925/000 silver. Since the knob is riding relatively high above the table it may not be as relaxing in actual use as the Begali Spark key, but as a conversation piece nothing beats it. And even if you’re not a brass pounder you may want to get one as a spectacular paper weight – after all Albert Einstein had one, and he can’t have been wrong.

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