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Manufacturer: Begali

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The Magnum is the heavy weight champion of our paddles, tipping the scales at around 4 pounds. A solid chunk of metal, topped with a layer of palladium coating, houses all mechanical elements. There are no separate posts to hold the precision adjustments for the contact gap and the magnetic tension – just one block of metal which will not vibrate no matter how hard you hit the paddles, and which won’t slide around on your table.

The finger pieces are narrowly spaced, and they are made of aluminum for excellent tactile feedback. This makes the Magnum well suited for operators who come from single lever keys or mechanical bugs, and for very high speed operators who prefer to keep their finger tips close together.

The Magnum of course, has all the characteristics of our best keys: light weight aluminum arms, perforated finger pieces to avoid slippage, precision racing bearings, 14k gold contacts, finely adjustable contact gaps, magnetically controlled return force – in short: paddles don’t come better than this.

Magnum Begali key

The oval back stop lets you adjust the spacing of the finger pieces from about 1/4” to a little over 1/2” to give you exactly the feeling that you prefer:

Magnum Begali key close up

If you come from a history of using mechanical bugs or single lever keys you may find the narrow paddle spacing of the Magnum just what you have been looking for to make the move to dual lever paddles.

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