Magnetic Traveller

Magnetic Traveller

Price: TBA

Model: BK-MAG-T
Manufacturer: Begali

eHam Review
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The Magnetic Traveller Light is an iambic key that addresses the needs of the travelling or backpacking ham in a no-compromise design. It combines constructive elements found in the Simplex and Magnetic Classic in a rugged package that will survive the rigors of a roving life. Using sealed precision bearings, repelling magnets, micro-threaded adjustments, gold contacts as a standard, and light-weight alloys, this is a unique key that is sure to become a classic.

The Magnetic Traveller Light uses a unique folding base that protects the finger pieces during transport, and in the open position it provides the required lateral stability. The Traveller Light uses a light-weight alloy for the base and the “wings”, and it weighs in at about 520g – so it is still heavy enough to stay put during desktop usage. For the backpacking user who may not have a desk the Magnetic Traveller Light is equipped with attachments and a strap to fasten it to your leg.

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