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The Expedition is a no-frills high-performance key. It is rugged enough, and not too expensive, to be tossed into the baggage for a DX expedition, and at 2.5 pounds it will not add too much weight – just enough to sit secure on your table, ready for the fun. It is, of course, an exceptional key which is equally at home in any shack, and it will work as well for a beginner as for the most accomplished expert operator.

The Expedition shares many characteristics with our best keys: light weight aluminum arms, perforated aluminum finger pieces for excellent tactile feedback, precision racing bearings, solid silver contacts, finely adjustable contact gaps, magnetically controlled return force, and a heavy black base with titanium oxide coating.

Begali Expedition key

To make the price possible, without sacrificing performance, it comes in only one finish (any color you like as long as it’s black, as the ad for the Ford Model T went ;-).

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