Price: TBA

Model: BK-CONT
Manufacturer: Begali

eHam Review
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The Contour key combines gracefully rounded shapes, similar to the Pearl key, with a more traditional rectangular base, which makes it a little heavier and larger than the Pearl.

The same high-performance mechanism and the same exquisite finish make this a key that produces a statement on the air and on the table. If the Pearl is a beauty queen, this is her perfectly matched companion. The base is available with three different plating materials: gold, palladium, or a bright silver nickel. If you select gold or palladium as the finish for the base, then the bearing block will be gold plated. If you select nickel as the finish for the base, then the bearing block will also be plated with nickel. The adjustment screws and the contact posts are always gold plated. The contacts are 925/1000 silver. The finger pieces are a red anodized aluminium, like those shown on the Pearl key.

Like with the Pearl, the distinctive beauty of this key is matched by superlative performance. This key will satisfy you even if you are a world-class high speed operator.

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