Adventure Mono

Adventure Mono

Price: TBA

Model: BK-ADV-M
Manufacturer: Begali

eHam Review
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The Adventure Mono single-lever key, like its dual-lever sibling, the Adventure, was created to give you the finest possible keying experience with today’s portable radios.

The base of the key is made from stainless steel. The arms and the finger pieces are a lightweight aircraft aluminium alloy. Several other components are gold plated, and the contacts are solid gold.

The ingenious mechanism uses three levers for a clearly defined centre position, making it mechanically even more complex than the dual-lever Adventure. The contact spacing can be adjusted with the oval backstop.

The key uses magnets to create the return force which can be adjusted by the golden thumb screw on the bottom. You also see the three precision bearings for the arms.

The key is attached to your radio with a mounting bracket, which lets you swivel the key at an arbitrary angle for maximum comfort in right-handed or left-handed operation. This is the mounting bracket for the Elecraft KX3, but we also offer mounting brackets for the Elecraft KX1 and the Yaesu FT817.

The magnetic desktop base lets you use the key detached from the radio on a desktop or on any metallic surface that the magnets in the bottom of the base can hold on to.

Four strong magnets at the bottom of the base can hold it securely on many metallic surfaces. The combined weight of the key and the base is about 125 grams – so, if you have a heavy hand and no metallic surface for the magnets, you can use the mounting holes in the base to secure it in place.

Each of these keys is personally inspected by Piero Begali to make sure that it meets his exacting standards for quality and workmanship that you can be proud of.

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