SPE Combiner CO1-HF

SPE Combiner CO1-HF

Price: $4,885.00

Model: SPE-CO1-HF
Manufacturer: SPE, Italy
Warranty: 2 years

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Up to 5 KW Combiner for two SPE EXPERT 2K-FA or two SPE EXPERT 1.3K-FA Linear Amplifiers

RF SOLUTIONS is the authorised dealer for Australia/New Zealand

  • Up to 5 KW.
  • This combiner doubles the power of two SPE EXPERT 2K-FA or two SPE EXPERT 1.3K-FA amplifiers, maintaining all the features of each of the amplifiers.
  • The connections are the same as for a single linear amplifier.
  • All the wiring/cables between the CO1-HF combiner and the linear amplifiers are supplied as a standard feature.
  • The power consumption is very low due to power factor correction (PFC).
  • This combiner allows you to increase your amplifier system step-by-step.
  • To provide you with flexibility, you can use each linear amplifier separately (e.g. take the SPE EXPERT 1.3K-FA on a DX’pedition.
  • CE certified.

Specifications and price are subject to change without notice

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Front view with two linear amplifiers

SPE-CO1 front

Rear view with two linear amplifiers

SPE-CO1 back

Front view

SPE Combiner CO1-HF

Warranty Terms

RF SOLUTIONS warrants to the original Purchaser that this product shall be free from defects of materials or workmanship.

RF SOLUTIONS warrants for two (2) years from the date of original purchase that RF SOLUTIONS will provide free of charge all parts and labour necessary to correct defects in material or workmanship. The shipping costs to and from RF SOLUTIONS for warranty service work have to be paid by the Purchaser.

Customers should address requests for warranty service work to RF SOLUTIONS, who is responsible for service support.

In order to not invalidate the warranty service, the original Purchaser must complete the warranty registration card, and send it to SPE in Italy including a copy of the invoice no more than 30 days from the date of purchase.

If the original Purchaser finds any defects after having received the equipment, he must immediately notify RF SOLUTIONS of the defects found by sending the properly completed REPAIR FORM. Replacement of equipment may be offered in exceptional circumstances only and at RF SOLUTIONS’ complete discretion. However, no replacement will be offered after 21 days of purchase.

In case of a purchase of used equipment still under warranty, in order to retain the warranty’s validity, it is necessary to notify SPE in Italy and RF SOLUTIONS of the following data:

  • Receipt of purchase of used equipment
  • Invoice for the original purchase
  • Serial number (s/n) of equipment

Replacement of equipment in these circumstances is not an option. However, the warranty period shall be two (2) years from the original date of purchase, and not from any subsequent date of purchase.

The warranty does not apply if the invoice for the original purchase is missing, the s/n is undecipherable/falsified or in the case of any defect that RF SOLUTIONS determines is due to:

  1. Improper maintenance or repair by persons not authorised by RF SOLUTIONS to carry out such work, including the installation of parts or accessories that do not conform with the quality and specifications of the original parts.
  2. Misuse, abuse, neglect or improper installation, user’s manual non- observance.
  3. Carelessness, accidental or intentional damage.

RF SOLUTIONS warrants the above mentioned items only, and the Purchaser shall have no remedy and no claim for incidental or consequential damages.

It is mandatory for the Purchaser to contact RF SOLUTIONS before shipping equipment for service. When sending SPE equipment to RF SOLUTIONS for service, the following documents must be enclosed:

  • Invoice of the original purchase
  • Receipt of purchase of used equipment (if any)

By purchasing SPE equipment, the Purchaser declares his acceptance of the above warranty terms.

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